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sustainable as it can be

sustainable as it can be

sustainable - traceable - trustworthy

Eco Fuels Netherlands is certified under REDcert EU & REDcert DE, eligible for Dutch Double Counting and also able to provide all documents for the UK market.

As the whole supply chain is certified and a large part of it under direct control of Bio Oil Group we can provide transparent and traceable documentation from the feedstock origin to the final Eco Fuel.

As mandatory we are audited once a year under REDcert EU & REDcert DE. Depending on customer request there are additional audits by customers or for Dutch Double Counting. Also we are performing several internal audits and reviews per year to make sure that all requirements are met.

The Bio Oil Group dedicated - additionally to responsible people in the operational companies - two full time equivalents to the task of sustainability.

As we know that the sustainability documentation is almost more important than the physical product we are happy to answer all your questions concerning sustainability or traceability.
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