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what we are doing

what we are doing

efficient process for sustainable production

In general biodiesel is produced by turning triglycerides with the help of methanol and a catalyst into methyl-ester (biodiesel) and glycerin. This "raw" process is known for decades but was refined over time to increase efficiency and also quality of the end products. For example the so achieved biodiesel has to be washed and dried to fulfill all parameters of the European Norm.

The process in our plant is focused on 100% efficiency. This means that we are aiming at using every percentage of feedstock and chemicals to obtain a usable product.

This allows us to use high FFA (free fatty acids) feedstocks as well as low FFA feedstocks. Also several other contaminants (like phosphorus) can be removed in the plant and such feedstocks can be used.

The by-product glycerin is refined to a technical grade glycerine which can be used in several technical applications.

And also all necessary chemicals are re-used to form a fertilizer (potassium sulfate) which is a valuable component for the fertilizer industry.

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