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where we are coming from

where we are coming from

a start up in 2006

Bio Oil - the owner of Eco Fuels Netherlands BV - was founded in 2006 in Slovakia. The major idea was to source Used Cooking Oil for the at that time emerging biodiesel industry in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe.

2007 the first traded quantities were realized and from 2008 onwards Bio Oil also focused on collecting Used Cooking Oil directly from restaurants and households.

Over the past years Bio Oil could strengthen its activities and is now present in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine with own collections. Also two melting plants are operated by Bio Oil.

using used cooking oil for biofuels

Based on this development of collection Bio Oil started in 2010 with tolling agreements to process 100% Used Cooking Oil into biodiesel. These operations are still ongoing in Germany and Austria and the so produced UCOME is sold into the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Italy.

Additionally to the tolling agreements Bio Oil aimed at running its own biodiesel plant and was therefore looking for the right plant - and finally found it in Eemshaven...

a re-start with re-cycling

The plant in Eemshaven was built in 2006/2007 (not by Bio Oil) and was initially designed to run on fresh rapeseed oil.

Bio Oil acquired the plant in 2012 and started a redesign to focus on Used Cooking Oil and other waste feedstocks instead on fresh oils. The production based on these feedstocks is more difficult so several adaptions to the tank storage and the process had to be made.

After 3 months in January 2013 the plant - now named Eco Fuels Netherlands BV - was re-started again succesfully.

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